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  • AsZension 128

    AsZension 128

    Release Date: 27-04-2023 About the future impor­tance of the tone C (128 Hertz), Rudolf Stein­er said: “F has actu­al­ly already been added to the five old tones d, e, g, a, h to a very high degree, but not yet the actu­al c. That real­ly has to come in with all of its human emo­tion­al sig­nif­i­cance.”( GA […]

  • Oscillation One

    Oscillation One

    Release Date: 31-01-2023 “But the musi­cal aspect is capa­ble of pre­sent­ing this Christ impulse to the world in tones, in formed tones, in tones filled with soul, in tones spir­i­tu­al­ly infused.”Rudolf Stein­erVol­ume GA 243 – page 234

  • EXorCism


    Release Date: 15-09-2022 “That evening they brought to him many who were pos­sessed with demons; and he cast out the spir­its with a word, and healed all who were sick” (Matthew 8:16). Cover­bild:Illus­tra­tion von Julius Schnorr von Car­ols­feld, 1860

  • Exodus


    Release Date: 15-09-2022

  • The Bass

    The Bass

    Release Date: 30-07-2022

  • Devachan


    Release Date: 06-07-2022 The Devachan is the world of the spir­i­tu­al arche­types, the arche­typ­al world. In the Jew­ish Kab­bal­ah it is called Atzi­luth or Azi­lut (Hebrew: אֲצִילוּת “nobil­i­ty, sub­lim­i­ty, good­ness, fire”) and com­pris­es the high­est tri­ad of the Sephi­roth, name­ly Keter (crown), Chokhmah (wis­dom) and Binah (intel­lect). This world does not pri­mar­i­ly reveal itself to…

  • Baltic Light

    Baltic Light

    Release Date: 16-09-2021 27 = 27 Hertz — the ref­er­ence fre­quen­cy of the a‑chromatic scale.1 = 1 Hertz — the ref­er­ence fre­quen­cy of the c‑chromatic scale.It is one of the 12 scales of Nat­ur­al Tun­ing.Nat­ur­al Tun­ing con­sists of the pitch ref­er­ence fre­quen­cy and of pure inter­vals, whose fre­quen­cy ratios are the quo­tients of nat­ur­al num­bers.All…

  • Etheric Rhythm

    Etheric Rhythm

    Release Date: 21-07-2021 Rudolf Stein­er, the founder of Anthro­pos­o­phy, often referred to the ether­ic body (Äther­leib or “Life Body”) in asso­ci­a­tion with the ether­ic for­ma­tive forces and the evo­lu­tion of man and the cos­mos. Accord­ing to him, it can be per­ceived by a per­son gift­ed with clair­voy­ance as being of “peach-blos­som color”. Stein­er con­sid­ered the ether­ic…

  • Astral Sessions

    Astral Sessions

    Release Date: 05-06-2021

  • Very Short Sessions

    Very Short Sessions

    Release Date: 18-05-2021

  • Astral Life

    Astral Life

    Release Date: 03-03-2020

  • Deep Night Sessions

    Deep Night Sessions

    Release Date: 12-05-2018