432 Hertz Band — The One and Only

432 Hertz Band

The 432 Hertz Band was born from a music project of Cos­mo Wel­fare and Ioannes Pere­gri­nus in 2011.
With a hur­dy-gur­dy that Ioannes played in 432 Hertz in just into­na­tion dur­ing a music ses­sion, the sto­ry of the 432 Hertz Band began.

At that time it was very unusu­al.
Cos­mo Wel­fare was fas­ci­nat­ed by the new sound and start­ed to change his instru­ments to 432 hertz and to just intonation.

It did­n’t stop at 432 hertz. This music ses­sion, held in a church in Kiel, began the jour­ney into the unique world of nat­ur­al tun­ing, based on the cos­mic law of the nat­ur­al tone over­tone series.
Cos­mo lat­er found out that: 

the cosmic basis of 432 hertz is 1 hertz (128 hertz). 

Nat­ur­al Tun­ing con­sists of the pitch ref­er­ence fre­quen­cy and of pure inter­vals, whose fre­quen­cy ratios are the quo­tients of nat­ur­al numbers. 

All is based on the nat­ur­al over­tone series.

Nat­ur­al Tun­ing begins with 1 Hz and includes 432 Hz as well as 256 and 440 Hz.

Just (pure) into­na­tion is the only nat­ur­al inter­val design and is the heart of Nat­ur­al Tuning.

The 432 Hertz Band is one of the very few bands in the world that releas­es all of its music in accor­dance with the cos­mic law of the nat­ur­al tone over­tone series.

For most, mak­ing 432 Hertz music means sim­ply using the con­cert pitch of 432 Hertz in equal tem­pera­ment, because it is very simple.

Pure tun­ing makes greater demands on knowl­edge and equipment.

The lis­ten­ers usu­al­ly know noth­ing about the truth. How could they? The 432 hertz music is a busi­ness like any oth­er for the music indus­try and most heal­ing sound web­sites.

So rest assured: we have spent years research­ing the world of fre­quen­cies and their effects on the ener­gy body.

Ioannes with Hur­dy Gur­dy 432 Hertz
432 Hertz Band
Cos­mo Stan­dard Instrument

432 Hz scale is unique!

If you build pure inter­vals on the 432 Hz ref­er­ence fre­quen­cy (that is 27 Hz),
not only all octaves result in the cross sum 9,
but also every note of the chro­mat­ic 12 a scale.

There is no oth­er scale that has this property.